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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about setting up a company in the United Arab Emirates. If you still have questions, please use our free initial consultation.
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Company with bank account in Dubai

Why not a company in the European Union?

We strongly advise against a company within the EU e.g. on Malta or Cyprus. Taxes, accounting and public company registers are the rule within the EU and are also available in Malta or Cyprus. By the foundation of several companies or the use of trustees, it is tried to suggest tax exemption or anonymity. In reality, there is no effective tax rate of 0% within the EU and trustees create only limited anonymity. In addition, there are substance requirements, such as an office with employees and accounting. Quite a few clients who contact us have previously worked with a Malta or Cyprus company and have underestimated the complexity and annual costs of an office with staff, accounting and trustee services.

Why should I choose the United Arab Emirates to start my company?

The United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, have received a lot of media attention lately, and for good reason. Dubai enjoys a central location between Europe, Africa and Asia. This makes it a prime business destination for many sectors and industries. Within a five-hour flight from Dubai, you will not find such a cosmopolitan and progressive city anywhere. The city's highly regulated environment conforms to international best practices and operates with zero rates for personal and corporate taxes. Businesses in Dubai enjoy 100% capital repatriation with no currency restrictions. This level of financial freedom is rarely found in areas with such a developed business environment. Dubai is a leading commercial center with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Other reasons are:

  • A liberal economy that is fully integrated into the global economy.
  • The city is centrally located between Europe, Asia and Africa and attracts about five million investors and tourists every year.
  • One of the safest cities in the world.
  • More than 200 nationalities live in harmony and call Dubai home.
  • World's largest financial sector, both local and international banks.
  • The education system in Dubai is suitable for all cultures and languages.
  • Dubai enjoys world-class healthcare.

Why should I choose DLS Dubai to start my business in the UAE?

DLS Dubai has more than 10 years of experience in company formation and bank account opening. Our internal network of specialists in Dubai is unparalleled. We are a competitive company formation specialist firm in Dubai, committed to providing you with the best service at reasonable prices.

Do I need a residence visa?

Incorporating a company in Dubai entitles the directors and shareholders, as well as their family members, to obtain a Residence Visa. This possibility does not have to be used, but offers only advantages, business accounts can be opened much easier and there is no exchange of information with your home country, because you are considered internally as a resident in the UAE.

Do I pay taxes in the UAE?

There are no corporate or personal taxes in the UAE. Specifically, this means that there are no business or capital gains taxes at the business level, nor are there any income taxes at the personal level.

What is the procedure for opening a bank account?

As we ourselves know that a company is fully functional only with an existing bank account, we personally accompany you during the complete process of opening a bank account. We make your business model understandable to the bank. In addition, you will benefit from our long-standing contacts within the respective banks.

Why are you cheaper than your competitors?

Since we work directly with the UAE authorities and have our own office, as well as service license, in the UAE, we do not have any intermediaries that would significantly increase the overall cost to you.

Do I have to visit the UAE to set up the company?

No. The incorporation of the company, as well as the signing of the shareholders agreement, can be done completely online through us as a service. Only for the process of stamping the residence visa and opening a bank account, your personal presence is required by law.

Is a company in Dubai suitable for me?

We offer a consultation to help you make a decision, taking into account your immediate needs for the business and your vision for the future.

Can a business account be held in different currencies?

Yes, all banks we work with offer accounts in AED, EUR, USD and GBP. In addition, each account has its own IBAN, which is suitable for payments within the EU.

How can I access my business account?

They can access their business account at any time via online banking or mobile banking through an app and check account balances and carry out transactions accordingly. In addition, you will receive a Visa or MasterCard to pay in stores worldwide or withdraw cash from an ATM. Limits on cash withdrawals are very high for UAE cards. For example, you can easily withdraw 10,000 euros in cash per day using cards from our partner banks. Worldwide.

Do I need an office for my company in the UAE?

Yes. An office is required and already included in our all-inclusive package.

Company with bank account in Dubai

Achieve tax exemption

The service Dubai accompanies you on the way to their tax exemption and thus also on the way to freedom. We believe that taxation on the performance of an entrepreneur is a serious intrusion into private life and one should not be punished for hard work and performance.

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