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In addition to Dubai, there are other potential locations for setting up a company. Here you will find information about other locations for setting up a company. In order to work out the optimal location for you and your business model, please use our free initial consultation.
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Company with bank account in Dubai


The tax and accounting free company in the USA is especially interesting for online entrepreneurs in the field of web development, online marketing and e-commerce. In contrast to the UAE, setting up a company in the USA does not offer the possibility of a Residence VISA and therefore no tax residence is created. In plain language, a company in the USA is tax neutral for a non-resident, which means that no taxes are incurred in the USA, but in the respective country of residence. Therefore, the incorporation makes particular sense for entrepreneurs with a tax residence in a country with territorial taxation, such as Thailand and the Philippines, as well as entrepreneurs who already have a tax-exempt residence in the UAE. A company in the US also makes sense for digital nomads, without a permanent residence. There is also excellent connectivity to payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe, as well as the availability of bank accounts in the US and EU.


The Seychelles make sense for abstract business models such as consulting and trading and offer the possibility of excellent asset protection due to the legislation in the Seychelles. A very high level of discretion is guaranteed. There is neither a bookkeeping nor a public company register. The effective tax rate is 0%. Seychelles, like the USA, does not offer a Residence VISA and therefore no tax residency. The connection to Fintech banks within the EU, as well as classic offshore banks, is given. However, there is almost no possibility of using payment providers such as PayPal or Stripe, and invoices are also rarely recognized within the EU. Therefore, the Seychelles are particularly well suited to manage and protect their own assets. This does not always have to be liquid, also trademark rights, license rights and real estate, can be held and managed by a company in the Seychelles. Our insider tip for trading cryptocurrencies with a tax residence in the UAE.

Company with bank account in Dubai

Achieve tax exemption

DLS Dubai accompanies you on the way to their tax exemption and thus also on the way to freedom. We believe that taxation on the performance of an entrepreneur is a serious intrusion into private life and one should not be punished for hard work and performance.

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