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Company foundation in Dubai (UAE) in 2023.

DLS Dubai helps you build wealth tax-free and protect your savings.
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Worldwide, there is no more effective way to save taxes and grow your wealth.

With company incorporation in Dubai you benefit from 0% taxes. There is no public company register and accounting freedom. In the future you will not have to worry about depreciation. Use your company's credit card to pay for the gift for your wife in the jewelry store or the weekly shopping in the supermarket.
Setting up a functioning offshore company in Dubai is the easiest and fastest way. Globally, there is no more effective option:
  • Within one week, your tax-free company is incorporated with minimal KYC requirements, only a color passport copy is needed.
  • Within another two weeks, that company is then provided with tax-free residency and an operational business bank account.
DLS Dubai, unlike most corporate service providers or agencies in this field, is not simply a service provider that forwards documents, but we offer an all-in-one solution within the United Arab Emirates for your tax-free offshore structure in Dubai.
Absolut premium für mich war die intensive und persönliche 1:1 Beratung. Woanders wird man da vermutlich an Mitarbeiter delegiert. Fred ist dabei total professionell und hilfsbereit, auch in Bezug auf andere Fragen. Ich kann die DLS Dubai weiterempfehlen und stehe bei Fragen jederzeit zur Verfügung.
Alex M.
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DLS Dubai, your experienced contact:

  • Personal all-inclusive service for banking and Emirates ID - including driver.
  • Experts in tax exemption, crypto, banking and company formation.
  • Competent and free advice from experts - even after the company has been founded.

Why is Dubai an attractive location for your company?

As a Dubai based service provider, we appreciate the myriad of advantages Dubai has to offer. Dubai has become the #1 location in the world of offshore company formation.

Companies in Dubai harmonize perfectly with major commerce and marketing platforms such as Amazon, Shopify and Google AdWords.

So if you are looking for a new location for your company or your future residence outside the EU, you will not get past Dubai.

In addition to companies in the traditional business sectors, Dubai is also particularly well suited for the e-commerce, online marketing and consulting industries of all kinds.

Companies formed in Dubai harmonize perfectly with major commerce and marketing platforms such as Amazon, Shopify and Google AdWords. A connection to the largest and most popular payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe is also available. Trading cryptocurrencies on popular exchanges like Binance and Kraken is also fully possible.

Tax exemption
0% business tax for Freezone companies, 0% income tax, 0% capital gains tax.
No public company register, the owners of a Freezone company remain anonymous.
Accounting freedom
No bookkeeping, tax accountant or bureaucracy.
Foundation in 1 week, closure in 1 day.
Double taxation agreements with developed industrialized countries.
Direct access to PayPal, Stripe, Binance and Interactive Brokers.
Emirates direct flights from Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and England.
Tax free residence by establishing a Freezone company in Dubai.
Start-ups annually
Satisfied customers

Freezone company in Dubai.

The establishment of a so-called Freezone Company (FZCO) offers itself as an attractive option for companies wishing to operate in Dubai, especially in comparison to the establishment of a company in the so-called "Mainland".
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Advantages of a Dubai Freezone company:

  • No public company register - owners of a Dubai Freezone remain anonymous.
  • No taxes - Freezone companies are not subject to taxes.
  • No accounting - Monthly or annual accounting is not necessary.
  • No share capital - No other funds are required to establish a Freezone.

The advantages of the company's location in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, have received a lot of media attention lately, and for good reason. Dubai enjoys a central location between Europe, Africa and Asia. This makes it a prime business destination for many sectors and industries. Within a five-hour flight from Dubai, you won't find such a cosmopolitan and progressive city anywhere.

The city's highly regulated environment conforms to international best practices and operates with zero rates for personal and corporate taxes. Businesses in Dubai enjoy one hundred percent capital repatriation with no currency restrictions. This level of financial freedom is rarely found in areas with such a developed business environment. Dubai is a leading commercial center with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Other reasons are:

  • A liberal economy that is fully integrated into the global economy.
  • The city is centrally located between Europe, Asia and Africa and attracts about five million investors and tourists every year.
  • One of the safest cities in the world.
  • More than 200 nationalities live in harmony and call Dubai home.
  • World's largest financial sector, both local and international banks
  • The education system in Dubai is suitable for all cultures and languages.
  • Dubai has a first-class healthcare system.
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The cost of setting up a company:
We work directly with the authorities in the UAE. We have our own office and have a service license in the UAE. As a result, we do not have any other middlemen, which would significantly increase the total cost for you.

Procedure of the company formation.

Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process competently and individually adapted to your personal needs.

Avoid mistakes when founding!

Many company founders make mistakes when incorporating in the UAE. Do not be blinded by cheap and outdated company forms, which at the end of the day do not get a bank account.

We help you to get an overview of the constantly changing conditions in the UAE and accompany you during your incorporation.

  • Company establishment in small emirates such as Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Ajman.
  • Company formation of obsolete corporate forms.
  • Company formation without applying for a Residence VISA.
  • Company formation in overpriced free trade zones.

Our all-inclusive package.

Our coherent and working all-inclusive package consisting of Dubai Company, Dubai Residence Visa and local bank accounts in Dubai, will guide you to your goal of establishing an operational tax-free offshore company including tax-free residence - regardless of whether you live full time in Dubai.
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Guaranteed business account
Company formation in Dubai
VISA Service in Dubai
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