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Dubai Freezone Company (so-called FZCO).

The Dubai Freezone company is the perfect blend of privacy, reputation, tax and accounting freedom.
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What is a so-called free zone in Dubai (free trade zone)?

A Free Zone Company, also called FZCO (Free Zone Company), is a limited liability company that can be incorporated in one of the over 20 free zones in Dubai.
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Dubai Silicon Oasis interior with glass architecture.

Dubai Freezone company advantages at a glance.

DLS Dubai specializes in the establishment of Freezone companies in Dubai due to the myriad of advantages.
Dubai Freezone companies enjoy an excellent reputation
Freezone companies in Dubai are considered a low risk by local banks
Hold and manage real estate throughout Dubai through a Dubai Freezone company.
No minimum capital or deposit of share capital with a bank required
No accounting or financial statements
Fast Track SMART GATE access to Dubai Airport
Excellent price-performance ratio
Companies in Dubai have access to international banks in Switzerland, the USA and Singapore
Dubai Firma Kostenrechner
The cost of setting up a company:
We work directly with the authorities in the UAE. We have our own office and have a service license in the UAE. As a result, we do not have any other middlemen, which would significantly increase the total cost for you.

Your advantage with DLS Dubai.

DLS Dubai works directly and personally with the licensing authorities for the Freezone companies in the U.A.E..

Due to our local office and the possession of a service license, we do not require any other intermediary business partners. This would significantly increase the total cost for you.

Company Formation in just 7 days.

Founding a Freezone company in Dubai.

DLS Dubai gets you:

  • A tax free zone company
  • A residence visa for tax-free residence
  • Physical office with company logo
  • Registration address including consumption bill

Frequently asked questions.

DLS Dubai does not incorporate Mainland companies due to the upcoming 9% business tax for Mainland companies.

Of course, a Freezone company in Dubai can be used as a holding company to invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies and real estate.

Dubai Freezone companies can acquire, hold and dispose of real estate throughout the Emirate of Dubai.

FZCO stands for Freezone Company and is used to refer to a limited liability corporation. An FZCO is equivalent to the Limited and LLC. FZE in turn stands for Freezone Establishment and refers to a one-man company in a small emirate outside Dubai.

There is no minimum capital or deposit of share capital with a bank required to establish a Freezone company in Dubai.

A Freezone company in Dubai can be sold without any problems - DLS Dubai will be happy to assist you with the process involved.