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Our services.

DLS Dubai is characterized by its very comprehensive services, which go far beyond the all-inclusive package. We are not above going the extra mile for you to achieve your goals together.
Our services. Header image.

Our services.

With our years of experience and unbeatable work ethic, we'll get you to your destination in record time.
Personal advice
We advise you personally on the application possibilities of a Dubai company. Perfectly tailored to your individual situation.
Business Plan
Business License
Company Formation
Residence Visa
Visa Service
Bank Service
After the establishment and account opening we are still there for you! No matter if you need to make changes or apply for a residence visa for family members.

We make the difference - the DLS Dubai All-Inclusive Package.

With our customer service oriented all-inclusive package, we stand out from the countless service providers for company formation in Dubai.
My existing company had unfavorable activities in the company license, so it was not really possible to open a local bank account for this company. Fred recommended me to start a new company with him and choose the right license for which he can guarantee a bank account. The whole process went relatively quickly.
DLS Dubai, professional consulting.

DLS Dubai gets you:

  • Tax free zone company in Dubai
  • Residence Visa in Dubai for tax free residence
  • Physical office with company logo
  • Registration address including consumption invoice

Frequently asked questions.

Due to the fact that DLS Dubai can handle the establishment of active trading companies and passive holding companies, as well as the establishment of foundations in a financial free zone, through the locally available free zones in Dubai, we see no need for the establishment of companies in other countries. All companies incorporated by DLS Dubai have access to local UAE banks, including foundations.

DLS Dubai does not offer nominee directors, also called "fiduciary directors". In a reputable trustee offering, the trustee must be deposited with the bank as an authorized signatory. In addition, for each incoming and outgoing wire transfer, there must be an additional review by the trustee of the documents related to the transaction. Our clients usually prefer to have full control of the bank account and know that a trustee service in Dubai through no public company registry, is unnecessary.

Usually DLS Dubai receives this question regarding the bank account service. Unfortunately, we have to be strict here and reject this request. The background to this is the fact that DLS Dubai cannot issue a bank account guarantee for companies that have already been established. The shareholder structure, the business activity or the business plan may be flawed and therefore the bank may consider the existing company as high risk and deny a bank account opening. Unfortunately, even DLS Dubai cannot change this.

Of course, our all-inclusive package can still be used as a whole in order to ultimately set up a functioning Freezone company structure including bank account - including bank account guarantee.