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The cost of setting up a company in Dubai.

At DLS Dubai, our goal is to keep your company formation costs as low as possible - without any restrictions.
Business people in front of Freezone Registrar

This is how the costs are made up.

One of the fundamental building blocks of working with DLS Dubai is full transparency in terms of pricing and service.

Summary table of costs

Dubai Business LicenseFrom 3785$
Residence Visa Optional1020$
Establishment card Optional545$
Guaranteed Business Account IndividualUpon request
PRO Service (Personal Driver) IndividualUpon request
Broker and Exchange Service IndividualUpon request
EMI and Crypto Service IndividualUpon request
Lifetime VIP Support from Fred According to availabilityFrom 9993$

A Freezone company in Dubai offers unbeatable value for money.

Why is setting up a Freezone company in Dubai so attractive and what benefits does it offer to advanced revenue entrepreneurs and startups?
Business people in front of Freezone Registrar
Payment of a Freezone company
Dubai Firma Kostenrechner
The cost of setting up a company:
We work directly with the authorities in the UAE. We have our own office and have a service license in the UAE. As a result, we do not have any other middlemen, which would significantly increase the total cost for you.

Frequently asked questions.

Since we deal directly with the UAE authorities and have our own office, as well as service license, in the UAE, we do not have any intermediaries that would significantly increase the overall cost to you.

Yes. An office is required and already included in our all-inclusive package.

No. We work exclusively with banks that do not require their customers to make a minimum deposit or investment. Therefore, you do not have to invest any additional money and can invest your existing liquidity in your business.

The cost of closing a company in Dubai is only 500 USD.

There are no costs apart from the annual renewal of the business license. Due to non-existent bureaucracy, there are no costs for an accounting department at all.

Our all-inclusive package.

Our coherent and working all-inclusive package consisting of Dubai Company, Dubai Residence Visa and local bank accounts in Dubai, will guide you to your goal of establishing an operational tax-free offshore company including tax-free residence - regardless of whether you live full time in Dubai.
A picture of the DLS Dubai Office on site in Dubai Marina.
Preparation business plan
Selection of the appropriate license
Guaranteed business account
Company formation in Dubai
VISA Service in Dubai
English or German consultation